How you can help

Please donate what you can as  you can. The money and items you give go directly to those in need. Everyone associated with the organization is a volunteer and are not reimbursed for any expenses they incur. The organization operates without a single paid staff member or overhead. 

Our donation goal is 100,000 USD

  1. Donate Tangible Items

For those of you living locally or visiting and enjoying our beautiful South Baja area, please email us to donate clothes, medical supplies, non-perishable food, diapers, socks, blankets, or other useful items. 

Please donate what you can as often as you can. Help us spread the word about Grupo Madre Teresa by sharing our mission and our needs with a friend.


Join our Volunteer Facebook Group to stay in the know of current needs of the community and how you can help.

  • Help by prepare and pack hot meals for the elderly and sick.
  • Help by resupply, pack and deliver Dispensas with basic food items and fresh vegetables. 
  • Help by staying alert to special needs (ex: medical crisis; burned out home and the like)

Get the word out about the work of Grupo Madre Teresa in your network of friends. 

Email us  for more information. 

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